Even though your unit has central air, a common issue people encounter is condensation in the windows, or mold or mildew. The reasons for this happening is usually due to lack of ventilation or items or boxes piled in the closets or corners. Winter tends to make this problem worse when the cold air contacts warmer areas of your apartment such as your windows. This is generally not a serious problem and can, in most cases, be remedied by small changes by the tenant. An easy solution to this is to ventilate your unit whenever you cook, bathe, or do laundry. These activities create a lot of moisture in the unit and if it is not ventilated properly it can create condensation/mold/mildew. You will notice that your bath fan will come on when you turn on your bathroom lights. This is a small measure to help ventilate your unit. Other ways to properly ventilate your unit can include turning on additional fans, opening windows, and using a dehumidifier. Please move all boxes or items that trap air in the corners in order to get the air to move. If after you apply these techniques to your home and you still are experiencing these issues please submit a maintenance request and we will remedy the issue. If the tenant continues to not ventilate or move the air in their unit there is nothing we can do to prevent moisture/mold/mildew. So please do your part to help ventilate your unit.